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IntaCare Hygiene Supplies Ltd can solve your incontinence consumable re-supply needs, but we can also help when it comes to purchasing large items such as a wheelchairs, bath lifts, hoits, rollators or a recliner.

We can offer great bulk discounts on Lille incontinence pads, gloves, aprons, and general hygiene and cleaning materials. Care home cleaning supplies.


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IntaCare Ltd have supplied the care industry with incontinence products for many years, but we also supply private individuals with weekly or monthly deliveries of incontinence pads. Lille offers a comprehensive range of disposable products suitable to manage all types and levels of incontinence.

Our advanced Lille incontinence products are 100% breathable and hypoallergenic, ensuring optimum comfort, security and discretion. Patient health care suppliers, incontinence consumables, discounts for bulk orders.

Inta-care Ltd (South West) also supplies incontinence products for the protection of beds and chairs, mattress covers and chair covers, stain easy wipe covers.

In support of the range of incontinence pads and pants we supply, we also offer hygiene products, suitable gloves and aprons, mattress and chair covers.
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We stock a large range of incontinence aids. There are a variety of sizes and absorbencies available, to ensure that all levels of incontinence can be adequately managed. We stock disposable and reusable pads for adults and children including unisex and gender specific liners, guards and shields, booster pads, pull-up pants and belted all in one nappies.

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The Drive Mercury Regatta 8 Mobility Scooter is the latest addition to the very popular Mercury range of mobility scooters from Drive Medical. This scooter is easy to operate and has all the latest technology to make it quiet, smooth and comfortable. The Drive Mercury Regatta Mobility Scooter comes with a huge range of features as standard. A focus on rider comfort is obvious when you look at the Admirals seat, adjustment can be made to the height and angle of the back along with the width of the arm rests. To give you complete and easy access to the scooter the seat also rotates. Located on the rear of the chair is a handy storage pocket to compliment the large shopping basket.

With the focus staying on comfort, the Regatta 8 Mobility Scooter comes with fully adjustable, all-round suspension, you can adjust the suspension to match your terrain easily for a smooth ride.

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Innovative Roman arch frame design is lightweight while providing excellent support, stability and style. Centre-folding cushioned seat is durable and waterproof. X style folding mechanism for compact storage & transport. Collapsible basket allows walker to be folded with the basket in place and can also be removed.

Comfortable, form-fitting rubber hand-grips. Height adjustable handles Durable, solid grip 8" caster wheels, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Low maintenance brake cables. Featherweight tires and wheels. Available in Metallic Silver only


The severity of urinary incontinence in a male ranges from a hardly noticeable mild incontinence to severe incontinence that affects every part of a man's life. You may experience varying degrees of urine seepage, and the condition will change over time. For example, men with mild incontinence may dribble a little when they laugh or cough, while men with heavy incontinence may be experiencing continuous leakage. No two men are alike, and no two men are affected the same way.

Many men see incontinence as embarrassing, and some would even rather admit to erectile dysfunction. This is a perception that needs to change. A great many men, not just older men, are living with the effects of bladder weakness. In fact, the affliction is so common that the government has finances available for incontinence sufferers. Incontinence is generally more prevalent in women than men, however, older men and women suffer from incontinence in equal numbers.

Understanding how your body works makes it easier to take control and to get the help you need to live your life as you want. In many cases, bladder control loss can be cured, but almost all cases need be managed.


There are three main types of male incontinence:

Stress incontinence. This type of male incontinence occurs when outside pressure causes an already weakened bladder to leak urine. This outside pressure may come in the form of a cough, laugh or from lifting a heavy object.

Urge incontinence. This kind of male incontinence occurs when you get an extremely strong and sudden urge to go to the toilet, but you dont always make it in time. Your bladder may also contract without you wanting it to, causing involuntary urine leakage.

Overflow incontinence. This variation of male incontinence occurs when your bladder is overfilled, and you cannot seem to fully empty your bladder. The bladder then leaks out the excess urine later. This is the most common form of male incontinence due to the high incidence of enlarged prostates and prostate surgeries.

Urinary incontinence - Surgery and procedures
/www.nhs. /Conditions/Incontinence-urinary/Pages/Treatment-surgical.aspx

If other treatments for urinary incontinence are unsuccessful or unsuitable, surgery or other procedures may be recommended.
Before making a decision, discuss the risks and benefits with a specialist, as well as any possible alternative treatments.
If you're a woman and plan to have children, this will affect your decision, the physical strain of pregnancy and childbirth can sometimes cause surgical treatments to fail.
You may wish to wait until you no longer want to have any more children before having surgery.
The various surgical treatments for urinary incontinence are outlined below.
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Prostate surgery

Prostate problems, and the various treatments required to correct them, are the most frequent causes of urinary incontinence in men worldwide.

Common prostate problems :-
1."Prostatitis" is an infection of the prostate gland, and it may have to do with a urinary tract infection. This type of disease is more common in younger men.
2."Benign prostatic hyperplasia" (BPH) causes the prostate gland in men to get bigger over a period of time, usually starting in middle age. About 1 in 4 men will need surgery or medical treatment for this problem. It is important to note that BPH does not link to cancer.
3."Prostate cancer" may manifest itself at first without any outward symptoms. It is a fairly common cancer, and the chances of suffering from it increase with age. However, it is usually one of the most responsive forms of cancer to early treatment. Because an early diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment, doctors recommend yearly prostate exams for men over the age of 50. Men with a family history of prostate cancer should begin these check-ups at age 40.

Most men will suffer from temporary incontinence following surgery for prostate cancer. The degree to which incontinence occurs, and the severity of it, varies with each case. While incontinence can be distressing, there are many treatments and management options available other than surgery. Using absorbent products (pads and pants) will help you maintain a normal lifestyle while you are working to regain bladder control. Pants for men, for example, are specially designed for the male anatomy. The good news is that the temporarly incontinence generally lessens within six months to one year. In many cases, continence is fully restored.

Detrusan Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Detrusan is a breakthrough urinary incontinence therapy. It is a programmable electrical stimulation device that offers the most effective stimulation system for the treatment of Urinary Incontinence available.

Detrusan therapy is the result of years of Clinical Research at leading institutions in Europe and United States. The focus of this research has been the study of stimulation parameters to optimize IntraVesical Electrical Stimulation (IVES).

IVES is the delivery of electrical pulses into the inside of the bladder by means of detruset (a proprietary device that optimizes insertion, set up and delivery of electrical stimulation to the bladder system).

These artificially generated electrical pulses are programmed within detrusan delivered via detruset through the Urethra into the bladder. detruset is the active electrode and it uses the electrical conductive properties of the urine inside the bladder to allow for the electrical current to travel to the various muscles of the bladder system including the Detrusor, Pelvic Floor muscles and other fibers in the urinary system.

Each therapy session lasts approximately 15 minutes and delivers optimized Electrical Stimulation to the bladder muscles


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